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Learning session was held on August 27 at Namie town office

The learning session was held on on August 27 supported by Namie town office. This session targeted the officers who transferred at Namie Town office after the earthauake.
The learning material was prepared through recording Namie-machi officers’ behaviour and hearing after the earthquake, and was used in the learning session for human resource development through simulated experience.
The learning session will be primary programme for “Fukushima learning tourism” which will be conducted in 2014 under the Soma and Futaba Human tourism programme.




Learning session

Fukushima Community development programme
Executing agency: Soma and Futaba District Human Tourism Committee (Secretariat at BFF) and Learning Initiative Inc.
Cooperation: Namie Town Office

Date: 14:00-17:00, August 27, 2014
Place: 2F Nihonmatsu sub-office, Namie Town Office
Target: officers at Namie Town Office (50 people who transferred after the earthquake from other municipalities and enterprises)
Chairperson – Naoki Kabayashi, general affairs section, Namie Town Office
Closing remarks – Yoshiki Sato, chief of general affairs section, Namie Town Office
Training session – Taiki Kitajima, representative director of Learning Initiative Inc.
Case study – [Reality of Organisational behaviour in emergency] from Namie Town Office
Detail of the case study –
Namie Town office was an ordinary municipality before the earthquake. Community disaster prevention plan and manual were prepared and disaster drill was carried out just as same as other municipalities. Such one of average municipalities faced the outbreak of the unprecedented Great East Japan Earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident.

How measures for disasters as the plan, manual and drill functioned or not?
What kind of problems the officers faced at the disaster scenes?

The case study provides participants with simulated experience of disaster measure through Namie town officers actually conducted.

Feedback from the participants

– It was practical as I could assume if I were in the same situation through simulated experience type training.

– I thought that there were no “absolute correct answers”. In such situation I think I have to utilise own ability and resources at the maximum for the community people.。

– The session was full of realism by lively explanation and session process, and it was like I experienced the earthquake related work.

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