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“Yui no Ba, ”Bridging Meeting between NPO and business enterprise

‘Yui-no-Ba’, is a project to produce new business and/or support working in cooperation between NPOs and companies, after the model of Yui-no-Ba conducted by Reconstruction Agency.

Bridge for Fukushima provides meeting opportunity with NPOs and companies to meet  needs of NPOs and resources of companies.

Several Yui-no-Ba of Reconstruction Agency have been conducted in Kesennuna, Minamisanriku, and Wataricho in Miyagi Prefecture, and Yui-no-Ba was conducted in Fukushima for the first time in 2013 and representative and staff of Bridge for Fukushima participated in its operation.

Our ‘Yui-no-Ba’ is not supported by Reconstruction Agency but Bridge for Fukushima operated version. More than 200 NPOs were established in Fukushima after the Great East Japan Earthquake, however most of them have been tackling issues under insufficient resources – human, goods, information, etc.

On the other hand, a lot of companies have been groping how to support the earthquake and tsunami affected area.

Our ‘Yui-no-Ba’ is operated to mitigate situation of  insufficient resources in NPOs cooperating with companies which are looking for needs.

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