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Message from Director

– Three years has passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake –

Bridge for Fukushima also has reached its three years on May 23, 2014. We all appreciate your support and understanding to our activities.

Indeed, the incident was so hard and damaged our home town and the people who are living in Fukushima; however, we have dream. In future, we shall say that ‘our community is betting better than other because of the Great East Japan Earthquake. It is reason why we are struggling.

It is now on the stage of reconstruction from emergency relief.

20% of working age and children of Fukushima citizen transferred to outside Fukushima. In the metropolitan area, 30% of citizen still has not had food of Fukushima. More than 50 children were diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

We are struggling to cope with a lot of problems to be solved having series of discussions and learning by trial and error every day.

In Soma-shi, Minami-Soma-shi and Shinchi-machi, which locating around 10km to 40 km from Fukushima-Daiich Nuclear Power Plant more than a thousand tons of mineral water was distributed to families with babies in last three years supported by companies and local governments.

Activity of human tourism in affected area received more than 2,000 participants from inside and outside Japan in last two years. The participants realised the deep reality of Fukushima and how people have reacted to the earthquake.

Reputation of community space open in March 2014 has been spread through word-of-mouth communication. On one weekend, more than 30 students joined the active discussion for Fukushima reconstruction in the community space. Some new projects for the reconstruction have been already proceeded through the discussion here.

Based on the experience and lessons learned…
We will continue three programmes as follows:
1) “Leadership programme” for high school and university students
2) “Strengthening social sector programme” (networking among Social sector, Government and Business sector, fundraising, etc.)
3) Town planning in Odaka district, Minamisoma-shi

We will keep working forward better future of Fukushima through reconstruction activities, and also will develop better working environment as leading NPO.

We will appreciate all of your continued support and guidance.


Kenichi BAMBA,
Bridge for Fukushima

Bridge for Fukushima
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