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History of BFF


22-25 March:

Students from High School Affiliated to Fudan University in Shanghai, China visited Fukushima.

1 March:

"Palette", community space for high school students was open at BFF new office.

8 March:

"SHAKIMOMO", PR activity for fresh farm products of Fukushima was held in Boston.

1-4 March:Daido High School students visited Fukushima.
1 February:

"Yuinoba", coordination activity between companies and local NPOs for Fukushima reconstruction was held.

24 January:Umedocafe, social gathering to share information on Fukushima and broaden relationship was held together with Katsuryoku-Souzousha, general incorporated association to support Fukushima.
2 February:Briefing Session for "AIDEMI", exchange activity of high school students between China and Japan was held.


23 December:“SHAKIMOMO” was in Yokosuka, Kanagawa.
1 December:“AIDEMI” high school members coordinated travel to Shanghai.
30 November – 1 December:6th “KAKEHASHI” tour was conducted.
19 November:Gathering to discuss situation and future of Fukushima.
24, 25 August:5th “KAKEHASHI” tour was conducted.
22, 23 August:Commerce and Industry self-reliance support/Social Business Support Programme In Soma and Futaba District started.
Meeting with Professor Seki, Meisei University
14, 15 June:4th “KAKEHASHI” tour was conducted.
12 April:3rd “KAKEHASHI” tour was conducted.
1 April:Indoor Park in Soma base was open
1 February:2nd “KAKEHASHI” tour was conducted as a joint project of BFF and Fukushima-kotsu Co., Ltd. 30 people joined.
1 January:a full-time staff joined from NPO ETIC under the “right hand despatch programme”.
3 students joined BFF under the internship programme collaborated with NPO ETC and Menten Inc for 3 months.
First “KAKEHASHI” tour was conducted as a joint project of BFF and Fukushima-kotsu Co., Ltd. 25 people joined.


3 November:Coordinated a tour for students volunteers to Fukushima.
7 November:Meeting was held to share information on social enterprise support in Fukushima.
10 September:First BFF Programme tour was conducted.
25 August:Field work tour of Fukushima reconstruction project was conducted for Fukushima High School students.
1 July:A full-time staff joined from NPO ETIC under the “right hand despatch programme”.
1 May:BFF started to engage in community business as a mentor of ‘MICHINOKU enterprise’ of NPO ETIC.
1 April:BFF restarted programmes after transferring Soma base. BFF distributed water for mainly mothers having babies.
1 April:Distributed water to 400 households, and conducted management of playground for kids.
A full-time staff joined from NPO ETIC under the “right hand despatch programme”.
1 March:received fund of “Live together” from NPO Japan Platform.
1 February:conducted 4th capacity building training for NPO staff.
Terminated distribution of commodities to general households in Soma base, but concentrated to households with babies.
Got interviewed from Human Rights Watch
1 January:started hands-on support to “mothers’ power project” for evacuees.


1 December:More than 500 people visited Soma base. Distributed 5 tons of water in 4 months from September.
1 November:Volunteer programmes of 2011 was terminated. 600 people in 13 times attended in total.
1 September:Volunteers of Fukushima University started story telling programme.
1 August:Sooma base started its work in the field of relief commodity distribution and networking among NPOs in Soma-city.
1 July:distributed more than 300 people every weekday until next February.
BBC radio interviewed BFF during 5th voluntary tour.
Conducted first capacity building training for NPO staff
June and July:received fund from Japan Foundation and Central Community Chest of Japan.
June:20 people joined in 2nd volunteer tour in Minamisoma-city. The volunteer tour was held 13 times until November in total.
1 May:started hands-on support for community business entrepreneurs and NPOs.
The organisation was named Bridge for Fukushima and acquired qualification of juridical personality.
80 people joined in first volunteer tour in Minamisoma-city. The volunteers cleaned up rubbles and mud.
1 April:Friends of the director from Cambodia, Lao, etc. joined relief emergency activities in Fukushima.
The director was shocked by the huge damage in Soma-city, Minamisoma-city, Shinchimachi, etc. He decided to start emergency relief activities establishing an organization.
One of board members moved to Fuskushima from Tokyo and started emergency relief activities collaborated with the Rotary Club, etc.
18 Marcch -:Received emergency relief commodities from Japan Foundation, and distributed 10 tons of water, masks, and food collaborated with NPO Hourai in Minamisoma-city, Iidatemura, Fukushima-city, Kawamatacho, etc.
18 March:The director appeared on live TV. of BBC.
15 March:The director came back home in Fukushima from overseas.
11 March: The Great East Japan Earthquake occurred.
Bridge for Fukushima
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